2023: Group drums support for Peter Obi, says is the change Nigeria has long been yearning for | NN NEWS

The support base of former Anambra state governor, Dr. Peter Obi for the presidency, has continue to swell in numbers with the Coalition of Democrats for Equity and Justice (CODEJ), drumming support for his emergence as the nation’s president for 2023.

In urging Nigerians to strongly support and vote for Peter Obi in the forthcoming presidential election, the group said Peter Obi, a consumate businessman and a trusted political administrator, is the change the country has long been yearning for.

CODEJ’s Executive Secretary, Ambassador Dubem Mbagwu, who spoke in Abuja noted that an Obi’s presidency will not only heal the wounds of bad governance laced with fault lines, but will further restore the nation’s economic growth.

Mbagwu insisted that “at this time, equity, fairness and justice demand that the office of the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria should be from the South East.

The group lamented that instead of ceding their presidential tickets to South East as it was done to theSouth West in 1999, the two political parties decided to change the goalpost.

“APC was formed by three political parties (CPC, ANC and ANPP) of North, South West, and South East through President Mohammadu Buhari, Ahmed Bola Tinubu and Dr Ogbonnaya Onu, respectively.

“In 2015, CPC led by Gen Muhammadu Buhari took president, while ACN led by Ahmed Bola Tinubu took vice president.

“This time when it should be the turn of the South East, they changed the rules of the game.”

“South East is one of the component part of this country. It is a region if you want to look at it in that way. Most part of the other regions have had a shot at the presidency of this country, except the South East. And that is why we have been pleading with other regions to allow the South East a chance, because no one region can do it alone.”

Mr Peter Obi, the group said, is the last card Nigerians need at a time like this, to take the country out of the woods.

“Governance is about experience. Its about capacity. Peter Obi has played the politics at the boardroom level. He has been a Chairman of different companies including a bank. He is properly schooled both home and abroad and has been a governor for eight years. That shows that he has got the requisite experience.

His CV is there for anybody to see. So looking at it from the point of capacity, yes, he has the requisite International and local content to govern this country.

On the rising insecurity in the country, Mbagwu said Peter Obi may not be a military or policeman, but as a Commander -in-Chief, with focus, vision and capacity, he will know the right people to work with and secure the country.

” Nigeria have best hands to secure its territories, but the right persons have not been giving the opportunity to serve. Security matters have nothing to do with religion, ethnicity and tribe, but everything to do with competence, character, education and exposure which, Peter Obi have gotten.

The group observed that although Peter Obi’s Labour Party(LP), may not have the money and political structure, the youths, the down trodden masses and the oppressed are his structures that can secure his political victory.

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