2023: I will tackle insecurity as my first priority in government – Peter Obi | NN NEWS

Presidential Candidate for the Labour Party in the forthcoming general elections, Mr Peter Obi, has said that tackling insecurity will be his administration’s first priority when they get in power by 2023. 

Mr Obi who disclosed this in a statement on Sunday via social media, said high level of insecurity and the apparent neglect of the agricultural sector, among other factors like the flooding of farmlands are responsible for the prevalent soaring food inflation that is biting hard on the country today.

Joining in the commemoration  of the World Food Day, the LP flagbearer explained that while insecurity has kept farmers away from their farmlands, the lack of investment in agriculture has caused the sector to continue to perform poorly.

“In pursuance of our vision of moving the country from consumption to production, I will tackle insecurity as my first priority in government, while ensuring that the vast lands littered across the nation, especially in the North, are well invested in, for massive food production,” Mr Obi promised.

In similar vein, the former Anambra State governor said that the New Nigeria which is craved for, is one in which the people can hold their leaders accountable.

He asserted that both leaders and those who are being led must learn to accept constructive criticisms which would make each one better.

“The new Nigeria we seek, is one in which citizens can criticise and hold leaders accountable,” Obi opined on his official Facebook page.

According to the LP presidential candidate, his latest comments come on the heels of recent debates involving some persons who questioned/constructively criticised his actions/pronouncements, and some of his supporters who censured the critics for speaking up.

Obi said he welcomes such constructive criticisms, adding that they will make his leadership better, adaptive and responsive.

He further noted that those who criticize him in the open only mean well for  him and for Nigeria.

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