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Leaders of Ndiezes Igbo and the Igbo Delegates Assembly (IDA), as well as the Igbo Delegates Assembly (IDA) in the 19 States of the North and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), have reiterated that they will make their choice or endorsement of any credible aspirant known at the appropriate time.

Tbey have also denied claims that they had endorsed the Minister of Labour and Productivity, Chris Ngige for 2023 presidential election at a recent event held in Abuja.

The leaders said Ngige was never endorsed as purported. They said like Igbo leaders, Ngige attended their function, but was never endorsed.

In a statement made available to newsmen in Abuja and signed by Eze Boniface Ibekwe, the leaders said Ngige only held a conversation and didn’t dwell on his presidential ambition.

The statement reads: “The association vehemently maintains that at no point was Dr Chris Ngige endorsed by the Ndiezes or the IDA. A copy of the communique is emphatic and already in the press.

“The report made roads in some select newspapers and media platforms Sunday, April 10, 2022, insinuating that the Ndiezes and IDA support his presidential bid. The Ndiezes from the 19 Northern States and the FCT, as well as the IDA want to make a categorical statement that Dr Chris Ngige was never endorsed on any ground whatsoever, as other party chieftains and aspirants like Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze, also graced the occasion for perceived conversation by the elders, knowing full well that these elders are grounded and have the ears of their people.

“Rather, Dr Chris Ngige came to the venue to hold a conversation (and not a specific declaration which was explicitly stated by Ezeudo 1 of Abuja, Dr Uche Egenti in his interview with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) at the venue). Dr Ngige was given this privilege to interact with the Ndiezes, as a well-respected son of the South-East, a former Govenror of Anambra State and current Minister of Labour and Employment.

“The Ndiezes said they were ready and prepared to co-operate with him as a Minister of the Federal Republic to bring sustainable development to the region and clamour for the South-East Igbo leader for presidency.

“The Minister, on his part, said at the event that he was there to share his ideas with them on how to make Nigeria work, and in reciprocity, the Ndiezes said he (Ngige) should remember his people in any endeavour he so desires.

“The Ndiezes hereby dissociate themselves from the purported statement credited to Dr Chris Ngige that he was unanimously endorsed by a resolution from the association, which was not so as reported in some select media organs. The President-General of IDA, Chief Chi Nwogu, was also misquoted in the said newspaper reports as he was misrepresented from his speech.

“We are calling on all Nigerians, sons and daughters of the South-East extraction to disregard and discountenance the statement by Dr Chris Ngige as he has not even declared for President, then how can he be endorsed for President by the association?”

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