2023: Ndigbo stand for Presidency – Udeogaranya | NN NEWS

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A former All Progressive Congress, APC, presidential aspirant in 2019, Chief Charles Udo Udeogaranya has once again re-echoed the unwavering stance of Ndigbo in 2023, stating that the Igbo stand to produce Nigerian President in 2023.

He pointed out that the ills of the nation will change when a son from the land of the rising sun takes reins of power and rain qualitative leadership on Nigeria.

Udeogaranya spoke on Tuesday May 18, 2021, while congratulating the two football stars of Leicester Football Club who celebrated their FA cup victory with Nigerian Flag.

According to him, “their conducts are profound recognition of the fact that Ndigbo are nurtured, grounded and deeply rooted on a solid foundation of African unity and Nigeria’s progress.”

Udeogaranya reiterated that Nigerian leaders who do not believe in Nigeria are responsible for all the woes bedeviling the country with their tribalistic, nepotistic, myopic and poor governance strategies.

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