2023: Ndigbo will unite, pursue Biafra if denied presidency — Ebube Muonso | NN NEWS

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. . . Describes Peter Obi best option for presidency

The Spiritual Director of the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Uke in Anambra State, Rev Fr. Obinna Obimma, aka Ebube Muonso, has described former Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi, as an instrument Nigeria needs at this period of its history to move forward, according to News Express reports.

The priest who made the statement during a recent interview in Uke, said that Obi has a vision that can change Nigeria’s destiny and future.

Obinma recalled that under Peter Obi as Anambra governor, the state was the first to commence Sub-Sovereign Wealth savings, the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa.

He also noted that at a time many governors were leaving huge debts for their successors, Obi left the equivalent of $500 million Dollars in investment; as well as local and foreign currencies, including $156 million in Dollar-denominated bonds, while leaving office.

Obimma’s words: “Under him (Obi) as governor, development partners such as UNDP, UNICEF, the World Bank, DFID, the European Union etc, which hitherto were not in Anambra started working with the state. At that time, Anambra was consistently adjudged one of the best states in development partnership and commitment to reforms for good governance.

“I do not think that Nigeria can tolerate another eight years of wastefulness. I urge all Nigerians to shun the issue of political affiliation, creed, sex or tribe, and go for excellence. We need to move our country forward, and we can only move forward with a progressive mind. Nigeria is already battered, and needs a man of excellence to move it forward.

“Obi was recognized as best governor by the Millennium Development Goals Office (OSSAP-MDGs) and the UNDP in the implementation of their programmes in Nigeria. Under Obi, the Nigerian Debt Management Office (DMO) rated Anambra as the least indebted state in Nigeria. In spite of visible and measurable achievements recorded in various sectors, the state under him did not borrow or raise bonds for her various projects. Under him, the senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria rated Anambra as the most financially stable state in the country.

“The state’s ground-breaking return of schools to their church owners, and subsequent partnership with the agencies in education, saw the state move from 24th position out of 36 states to number one position in National Examination Council (NECO) and West African Examination Council (WAEC) examinations for three consecutive years. Through partnership with the church in the health sector, his government funded the transformation of many health institutions in the state.”

Speaking further on the clamour for Igbo Presidency come 2023, Rev Fr. Obinma maintained that denying the Southeast this opportunity for whatever reason, will create a crack on the purposeful co-existence of the country, saying that it will likely heighten agitations.

His words: “Having a Nigerian president of Southeast extraction is long overdue, and denying the Southeast this opportunity for whatever reason, will create a crack on the purposeful co-existence of the country.

“It will likely heighten agitations, restiveness and bad blood,” he said, adding: “Denial of the Southeast the opportunity to produce a president in 2023 will likely aggravate the ongoing agitation for secession. Igbo will feel not wanted in Nigeria, if denied the 2023 presidential slot. But from the scheming and permutations currently going on in the two major political parties ahead of the 2023 elections, there seems to be a calculated and deliberate conspiracy, particularly from some powerful politicians from the North, to deny the Southeast the parties’ presidential tickets.

“If the party tickets elude the Southeast zone, what are the options for the people of the zone to convince themselves that they are truly part and parcel of the Nigeria project? In the event when this happens, Ndigbo should unite and pursue Biafra! Igbo unity is of essence now.”

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