2023: Northern Christians denounce Katsina based activist, Madhi, over inciting video against Obi, demands his immediate arrest, prosecution | NN NEWS

ABUJA-Some Christians in the northern part of the country, operating under the aegis of Conference Of Northern Christians And Minority, have called for the immediate arrest, and possible prosecution of a Kaduna-based human rights activist, Shehu Mahdi, over a video allegedly considered inciting in content, and divisive in form.

Specifically, the Northern Christians said the video, which is causing outrage on social media platforms, was intended to deny a section of the North a golden opportunity to interrogate the status quo, with a view to enthroning a new order.

In a statement by the National President, Dr Bitrus Yakubu, the Christian body expressed disgust over Mahdi’s outing, which they insisted, sought to pool the wool over their eyes.

“We hasten to warn Mahdi, and his cohorts, that our people have suffered enough marginalisation, occasioned by our religious belief, hence have decided to take their destiny in their hands.

“To be sure, while our Christian brothers and sisters have, over the years, ensured a monolithic North, we have, unfortunately, not received reciprocal warmth from our otherwise kith and kin.

“Our people have recognised the pain of rejection, amidst unparalleled offer of brotherhood/sisterhood, and have chosen to reinvent themselves through the instrumentality of the 2023 presidential election.

“It is in recognition of this, that we advise the likes of Mahdi to reconcile themselves to reality, respect new perspectives, and stay on the side of the law and good conscience.

“Let it not be lost on the likes of Mahdi, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended), respects the right to freely associate, and hold opinions/views, provided they do not offend extant laws.

“It is our view, that his action and tendency are at variance with the United Nations’ charter on human and people’s right.

“We, therefore, call on the international community to, without further ado, declare Mahdi a person of interest, the statement reads in part.

In the face of the foregoing, however, the christian group vowed to mobilise millions of votes from the Northern region for Obi, the presidential candidate of LP, daring “status quo men” to attempt to stop the movement.

The statement continues: “It does appear, from the disgraceful outing, that Mahdi has chosen to remain slaves to the past, as the viral video regrettably suggests.

“Northern Christians, having been treated as outcasts for such a long period, have chosen to break away from decades of unfulfilled agitation for integration.

“We make bold to say that never in the history of human struggle has humanity given so much for acceptability, and received so little in return.

“Over time, we have been confined to the world of bats, who are neither accepted in the animal, nor bird kingdom.

“As a responsible and responsive Christian body, the minimum we ask for our people, is the latitude to choose whomever they feel will restore their humanity and pride, which have suffered nullification over time.

“We wish to conclude by informing Shehu Mahdi and his sponsors, that not  even ten million of sentimental people like him can sway Northern Christians from voting for Peter Obi.

Again, for us as Northern Christians and minorities, Mahdi’s statement cannot make us alter our resolve, because we have suffered hatred, pain,agony, and marginalisation from people of his likes, and we  have, therefore, taken position to vote for H.E Peter Obi of the Labour Party in the forthcoming election. 

“We took this position not because of religious sentiments, but from  deep conviction that he remains the most competent, prepared and acceptable candidate to lead the New Nigeria Project, which millions of voters have subscribed to.”


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