2023 Presidency: Why I Want Peter Obi — Shehu Gazali Sadiq reveals | NN NEWS

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“I belong to the older generation. I have children in the university and secondary school. I wish they enjoy quality education and get employed. I wish they prosper in a safe environment. This is why I want Peter Obi. I believe he can do it. Every parent should root for Obi.

Atiku has been contesting for all presidential elections since our return to democracy except the first. He’s been losing all. This is no longer perseverance but desperation. And you have to fear desperate people. #GiveUsPeterObi

Don’t expect all Igbos to follow Peter Obi. Many of them are already benefiting from the skewed system. Don’t fret about them. They cannot stop the movement. Remember it wasn’t all the Children of Israel that followed Moses out of Egypt. But the Exodus happened. #GiveUsPeterObi

Don’t listen to the faux intellectuals and political jobbers undermining the political value of Peter Obi. Deep down in their heart they know the truth. The truth is in the street and on social media. The truth is that Peter Obi is the people’s choice.

No matter what happens in the PDP primary, one thing is clear; the younger generation of Nigerians have sent a strong message through @PeterObi to the establishment, that they will take their country back sooner or later. Peter Obi is unstoppable movement.”

— Shehu Gazali Sadiq (Shehusky)

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