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Representatives of Southern and Middle Belt Youth Coalition have visited the First Republic Aviation Minister, Chief Mbazulike Amechi over 2023 presidential election.

The visitors came as a 5-man delegation led by its national coordinator, Mr Okenwa Opkara who told Chief Amechi at his Ukpor home in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State that the group was a socio-political organization that cuts across the southern and middle belt to foster unity among its members.

Opkara lamented that the southern and middle belt zones had been grossly marginalized and cheated in every aspect of national life.

He explained that the youth had resolved to take up the struggle in line with the ideological framework of Chief Amechi who he said fought in their days for collective emancipation of the people.

He insisted that it was time for power to shift to the south with no excuses.

“We are consulting and reaching out to elder statesmen like Chief Amechi to help us institute the right and generally accepted leader from the southern zone.

“APC and the PDP have schemed the zone out but we are going to fight for equity, justice and fairness. We support the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Mr Peter Obi who we have seen has the capacity to set things aright in Nigeria.

“Obi is a unifier that we must support to achieve our goal and political objectives. Youths of this country can reclaim the country, ” he said.

In his response, Amechi said that what Nigeria needed at the moment was an unselfish leadership, adding that recycling old and tired politicians in leadership would be the most counter productive thing Nigerians could do to themselves.

He, therefore, advised youth in the country and Nigerians at large to be zealous and determined to take over from the old and selfish generation of politicians who he noted had not only performed badly but had destroyed the country by planting corruption in all the affairs of the nation.

Chief Amechi said: “The youths will have to push aside all differences and de-emphasise party politics by looking at competence and capacity of individuals.

“The youths should take back their country else the old generation of leaders will put them into slavery. The youths should come to a level where they are ready to die to achieve the dream country they want.

“So what is paramount to Nigerians at the moment is an unselfish leadership. It is an unhealthy idea for Nigerians to be recycling old and tired politicians in leadership who are not only selfish but have destroyed the country with corruption in all aspects of the life of the country.

“The youths should, therefore, be zealous and determined to take over from the old generation of politicians now otherwise they will destroy the country and make them perpetual slaves in their own country.”

Chief Amechi recalled how in his own era they fought the colonial masters to a standstill to achieve justice and equity for all Nigerians.

Other members of the delegation are Mr Okeke Augustine; Isreal Ubah; Bella Odiche and Christopher Mercy.

Others who received the visitors with Chief Amechi were Professor Chinedu Agbodike and Chief Moses (Motimore) Moujekwu.

(The Sun)

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