2023: Yoruba professionals endorse calls for president from South-East | NN NEWS

The Yoruba Young Professionals Network (YYPN), a socio-cultural group known for promoting unity and development of Yoruba cultural heritage, has urged Nigerians especially youths and women to support a candidate from the South-East geo-political zone for the 2023 Presidency. 

The national president of YYPN, Ambassador Segun Lawal, made the call on Saturday in a statement. 

Lawal said the importance of an Igbo Presidency to national unity and development remained important. 

He said this is because the region that has never produced a president before will feel a sense of inclusion, especially in the wake of the incessant agitation in and around the country. 

“It is imperative to support the emergence of a Nigerian president of the south-east extraction in 2023 in the spirit of one Nigeria,” Lawal said. 

He assured that his group will support the vision of the United Better Nigeria initiative (UBNi); a national advocacy group canvassing support for the actualisation of the South East Presidency in 2023. 

Lawal said, “The Yorubas believe in one Nigeria, equity and fairness is the key to a progressive nation-state. 

“Therefore, we urge all bonafide descendants of Oduduwa, particularly the youths, to rally around and support the United for Better Nigeria Initiative (UBNi) for the actualization of a South-East Presidency come 2023. 

“We also call on High Chief Raymond Dokpesi to retract his inciting statement against the Igbos. 

“Such utterances are capable of misleading and distorting the unity of our great country Nigeria.” (Daily Trust)

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