A devastatingly sad situation in Biafra land – Mefor

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A devastatingly sad situation. May the souls of these valiant, gallant Biafran youths continue to rest in peace. 

A seriously flawed strategy that lacks dept, tact and finesse, we repeat. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, you lied against many of us, called us traitors, mobilised your anarchic IPOB zealots to blackmail and defame us and many others for advising you against taking avoidable perilous, and suicidal mission like this. Why are you hiding the casualties?  

We maintain that the issue of security is not a one-man, unilateral show but a collaborative and collective endeavour. 

You want to be an emperor and that is why you refused to consult adequately with important stakeholders. But you should have been reminded that Biafraland is not an empire. 

We ask this questions again: who are the victims and casualties of this avoidable self-inflicted, self-destructive, violent campaign of threat, horror, violence and vendetta? Why wilfully making Biafraland a theatre of war/battlefield and that of hostilities? 

The effect of this fundamentally jaundiced strategy is that Biafraland is likely to be heavily militarised and militantised at the expense of monumental loss of lives of our youths, economic strangulation and potential, indeterminate humanitarian crisis while other parts of Nigeria will remain peaceful due to absence of effective strategy.

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