In a digital world were information floods on all channels, NN News was born October 2019 with the goal to provide a reliable, trustworthy media platform were organizations and individuals can share their opinion about the major social and political events from our life.

Our dream is to develop a collaborative online environment were organizations and individuals who want to share news, opinions or any relevant thoughts can do so independently and without boundaries or censorship, except respecting common sense and journalism ethics.

NN News want to facilitate access to correct and verified information for a wider audience on African continent but also for African expats, students and workers abroad. NN News aims to support and promote young journalist and bloggers, to ease the collaboration between them as well as with experienced, recognized publishers.

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NN News warmly welcome partnership and volunteer support proposals, including and not limited to following areas: news/articles/blogs publishing and original content production, website administration and monetization, SEO, social media marketing and monetization, cybersecurity, privacy, copyright.

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