Adesina to resign if he joins 2023 presidential race; coalition buy N100m APC form | NN NEWS

The President of the African Development, Dr Akiwumi Adesina, may be asked to resign if he joined the 2023 presidential election race.

NN NEWS learnt that a coalition of 28 groups have purchased the All Progressives Congress’ presidential forms for the President of the African Development Bank and former minister of Agriculture, Dr Akiwumi Adesina, signalling his likely entry into the 2023 race.

The coalition consists of groups such as Youth Arise Movement, Nigerians in Diaspora, One Nigeria Group, Prudent Youth Association of Nigeria, women groups, farmers, and other civil society groups.

Although they have not been able to collect the forms the party this evening issued a receipt for the payment, which cost N100m.

Dr Adesina has not publicly signaled his intention to run for President.

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