AFCON Frustration: Nigeria’s Law Professor needs 5 months’ salary for Ivory Coast flight ticket”

Renowned law professor Joy Ezeilo has voiced her frustration at the exorbitant rise in flight ticket prices to Ivory Coast, expressing astonishment when her long-standing travel agent quoted a staggering price of over N2.1 million.

In a post shared on her official social media handle on Saturday, February 10, Ezeilo revealed her aspirations of witnessing the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) final live, where the Nigerian Super Eagles would clash against the Ivory Coast’s Elephants on Sunday, February 11.

Ezeilo, who serves as a Professor of Law and is at the pinnacle of her professional career, lamented that affording a return ticket to a West African country would necessitate saving five months’ worth of her salary.

Expressing her disappointment, she wrote, “I had envisioned attending AFCON 2024 live and inquired about flights to Abidjan to witness our Super Eagles in the final. I presumed that given the proximity of Ivory Coast, the cost wouldn’t be exorbitant.”

“However, my trusted travel agent of over two decades furnished me with a quotation of N2,183,000.00, which came as a profound shock.”

“After calculating, I realized acquiring one return ticket to a West African country would require saving five months’ salary as a Professor of Law at the highest professional level. This starkly reflects our current economic realities.”

She urged against converting the amount to US dollars, deeming it distressing and demoralizing, potentially deterring talented individuals from pursuing academia in favor of political aspirations.

Ezeilo outlined her contingency plan, intending to curtail expenses by renewing her DSTV subscription for N19,800 and purchasing fuel for power generation due to electricity shortages experienced during the semi-finals.

Expressing her unwavering determination to watch the match, she emphasized its significance as a temporary reprieve from Nigeria’s myriad challenges.

Addressing inquiries about financial assistance, she clarified that her recently received salary had already been allocated to outstanding debts.

She concluded with a message of solidarity, expressing hope for resolution regarding salary arrears from the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike or potential wage increases through negotiations between the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Federal Government. Her well wishes extended to the Super Eagles as they competed in the tournament.

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