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By Larry Odinmah  

A Journey to JERUSALEM!. & Where PHOTOSHOPING Leaders are not ALLOWED to ENTER!!. 

Our CHARACTER should always communicates credibility, HARNESSES respect, creates CONSISTENCY and earns us TRUST. Anyone can say he has INTEGRITY, but action is the REAL indicator of character. CHARACTER determines who you are and what you do. That is why you cannot SEPARATE a Leaders character from his ACTIONS. 

TALENT is a gift, but CHARACTER is a CHOICE. We have no control over a lot of things in LIFE. Take for instance, we don’t get to choose who will be our PARENTS or the circumstances of our BIRTH, including our upbringing. TRUTH does not SIT in a CAVE and hide like a LIE. It WONDERS around proudly like a LION. But RALPH remains a HUMBLE leader that doesn’t make noise like others. 

He believes in achievements. 


And that brings me to this HEADLINE: RALPH UWAZURUIKE meeting With the REAL UNITED NATIONS and NOT with CAMERAMEN as OTHERS do on the streets of SOMEWHERE. 

Are you CONFUSED with my Headline?, I hope you are not. Think back a little. This LONG awaited meeting took place just in the MIDDLE of the month of JUNE 2021 just after his meeting with the U.N.P.O. which took place on the 3RD JUNE of this remarkable year. This meeting was not done on the STREETS of somewhere or inside a STUDIO and stage- managed by their fraudsters/ gangsters as some NOTORIOUS Leaders do. RALPH was proudly LIVE in U.N meeting. E-shork U ?. 

The major topic for discussion is ” AFRICA and MIDDLE EAST Regional Forum on conflict prevention and Human rights of Minorities”. Yes HUMAN RIGHTS is being abused ALL-OVER African continent but in our case in Nigeria, UWAZURUIKE made the WORLD to understand that the Entire South-East region is not in the class of MINORITY in Nigeria but a MAJOR tribe that is been maltreated like a minor tribe by even a minority tribe. Why?, Because the majority out of their GOOD- WILL, they allowed the Minorities including the FULANIES to partake in governance as a matter of Equal rights to all Ethnic Nationalities.  

He used the limited time given to him to speak about his people, telling the world, that the UNITED NATION should grant BIAFRA their FREEDOM through SPORTING Events as it is done in EUROPE and many other places. 


always keys in, into the LAW of RELEVANCE/NAVIGATION. Which means using temporal Events to say what is TIMELESS. I see his actions as a LEADER and also as a STUDENT of Three facets of leadership which includes; Discernment, Strategy and the Future. Such people always sees the future and plan the steps for their goals. As they sees it, they say it, show it before they seize it. 

What am I saying, Leaders and Vision go together like FIRE and HEAT. 

Finally, ALWAYS stay true to yourself no matter what, and never let whatever anybody says DISTRACT you from your GOALS. That is why BIM stands TALL among others and also remains the SIGNATURE of INTEGRITY. 


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