Amnesty damning report: Only a referendum can resolve Biafra crisis says British lawyer, Jonathan | NN NEWS

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A British International human rights law practitioner who specialist with experience before English and International courts and tribunals, Jonathan Cooper has said that only a referendum can resolve the Biafra crisis. 

The human right lawyer on his twitter handle, reacting to the Amnesty International damning report against the Nigerian security forces in a statement released August 5, 2021 said, South East Nigeria is a Biafra to you and me. However, praised Amnesty Nigeria for important and timely research. 

According to Jonathan said that the right to self-determination is unstoppable, accused Nigeria government of resorting to violence to subjugate Biafrans, but bullets can’t contain self-determination. 

Jonathan as a barrister in private practice, has worked with the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the UK Ministry of Justice, the UK Home Office and the Director of Service Prosecutions. He is now the Chief Executive of the Human Dignity Trust. 

He is also a well-known conducting training programmes and advising on human rights issues in jurisdictions all over the world, is the General Editor, with Martha Spurrier, of Halsbury’s Rights and Freedoms. 

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