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Biafra Nation leader and the Director of Information and Communication of Biafra Defacto Customary government, Alphonsus Uche-Mefor has said, nothing will stop Anambra governorship election and other subsequent elections in the Southeast region from holding.

Mefor who seems to be mocking IPOB members over the counter-productive sit at home exercise some disobedient elements in the group have chosen to sustain despite its suspension by the central command of the movement (DOS), said some people can decide to stay in the bush, in the house or even sleep on the street but election in Anambra State must surely hold.

He said, “If you like stay in the bush, in your house or sleep on the street, election in Anambra and others must hold and Biafrans must exercise their democratic rights. Watch and see”.

Mefor’s statement is coming as a counter reaction to the earlier statement made by the dismissed radio Biafra anchorman, Simon Ekpa who had announced in August that election in Anambra State will not hold until their detained leader, Nnamdi Kanu is released from DSS detention facility.

Recall that Uche-Mefor had accused Nnamdi Kanu of bastardizing the principle of command and control which the separatist movement applies in its daily operations

He also accused Kanu of fraternizing and collecting money from the same politicians he abuses on his radio Biafra London

Mefor’s outburst however culminated to his removal from the group and the subsequent abolishment of the deputy leader position by Nnamdi Kanu.

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