Anambra poll: Mefor reacts to IPOB call off 1 week sit at home ask, is 2019 repeating itself | NN NEWS

The direction of the Biafran Nation and the information and communication of the Biafra De Facto Customary Government, BDFCG, Uche Mefor has questioned; Is this not the same story of 2019 that is repeating itself again? 

IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu and its leadership had called for boycott of presidential election in 2019 until the federal government give the group a date for a referendum, but Kanu called off and declared, our terms have been meant in what he described as signed, sealed and delivered documents. But until date, Kanu yet to explained to his group and Biafrans what is in the document. 

In a statement by Uche Mefor, said before embarking on this yet another ill-conceived, ill-advised reckless conduct, were you not warned, were you not made aware of the consequences and these you now listed as reasons but you want people massage your ego?  

Now that you know that you are facing a comprehensive defeat (an obvious disaster bound to happen), always you are coming up at this stage with your useless excuses and that is after killing innocent Igbo people and hurting and dwindling the economic progress of ordinary men and women?  

Is this not the same story of 2019 that is repeating itself again?  

One of the ridiculous aspect is asking “Anambrarians to exercise their civic right by coming out enmess to vote for their candidate”, as if you would have actually stopped the election?  

But like stated recently and always, if you like stay in the hole or in the cage, in the jungle, sit-at-home or better still sleep on the street, election in Anambra and elsewhere must hold and somebody must be in office ultimately, he said.

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