Anambra residents panic as Gunmen alledglly kill 5 soldiers | NN NEWS

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Residents of Anambra State were on Friday thrown into panic following a rumour that five soldiers were killed in Ihiala area of the state.

Commuters passing through the major entry and exit routes in the state, especially the Niger Bridge Head entry point from Asaba, in nearby Delta state; Amansea border of the state to Enugu state, as well as, Amorka boundary with Imo state were experiencing excruciating gridlock because of tightened security checks mounted on the those areas.

Passengers were forced to disembark and trek with their hands raised up while passing through the check-points.

There was an atmosphere of fear in the entire state, especially in the major cities of Onitsha, the commercial hub of the state; Nnewi, the industrial town; Awka, the capital city, as well as, Ekwulobia and Ihiala as people expressed fear over the heightening insecurity in the state, especially the killing of security operatives, and, destruction of their operational facilities.

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