APC to US govt: Emulate Integrity from Buhari | NN NEWS

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All-Progressives Congress (APC) on Saturday berated the United State government, adding that Trump has a lot of integrity lessons to learn from President Muhammadu Buhari. 

NN News view APC as the most hypocritical party in terms of Integrity. where do we start? 

Buhari’s administration has turned Nigeria election into underaged voters, killed the economy, spreading terrorism across the country, security challenges have become a nightmare, releasing Boko Haram terrorists and giving them amnesty while their victims suffer, corruption is now a neutral business etc.

APC continued: Looking at the brouhaha that is swinging the United States of America’s Presidential election last week, Nigeria’s ruling party in a press release by its Secretary, Caretaker/Extra-Ordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC), Senator James John Akpanudoedehe said Trump’s integrity almost mangled the sanctity of the electoral system and political institutions of America. 

APC criticised the post-election drama in America which it said has stained the democratic credentials of the country which other nations of the world sees as a model of democracy. 

Nigeria’s ruling party noted that unlike President Buhari, who irrespective of numerous electoral defeats, followed the due process to challenge the outcome of the elections, the American President fell short in integrity test but for the strong institutions in the country that salvaged the situation. 

The statement read: “The events of the past 72hrs in the United States of America is to say the least condemnable. Over time, the elections of the US has been used as a touchstone for elections in other democracies. 

“It is settled that strong institutions are fundamental to the sustenance of democracies. However, this US election saga strongly underscores the fact that the integrity of the country’s leader essentially complements the workings of these institutions.” 

“President Muhammadu Buhari contested and lost elections a couple of times and followed the process through to the Supreme Court on all accounts. This is an outstanding credential of a true democrat.” 

APC also claimed that upon capturing power in 2015, Buhari’s administration has carried out fundamental reforms to strengthen the country’s political institutions, in order to deepen Nigeria’s democracy. 

The party cited non-interference in the functions of the electoral body, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), APC noted that it contested elections; won some, lost some without splitting hairs. 

“In fact, at some point, the APC lost over 5 states to the PDP, yet we allowed democracy to prevail. We have remained resolute in our belief that in every electoral contest, the popular will must prevail. 

“This is a far cry from the days of the do-or-die politics of PDP, where civilians took control of the security apparatus to subvert the people’s will and determine the outcome of elections,” it added. 

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