As Fr. Mbaka resurface, DSS denies picking him up | NN NEWS

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The Department of State Services (DSS) has said that Reverend Father Mbaka is not in its custody. 

DSS spokesman Peter Afunaya made the clarification on the WhatsApp following questions from a reporter on a group platform over the whereabouts of the missing Catholic priest. 

Afunaya posted: ‘Rev Fr Mbaka is not with the DSS. The DSS did not pick him up, please.’ 

Speculation was rife Wednesday over the whereabouts of Fr Mbaka after he was said to have been picked up by a security agency over his call for Pesident Muhammadu Buhari to resign a few days ago. 

The disappearance of the Catholic priest was said to have sparked off protests in Enugu by members of the Adoration ministries, the congregation he heads.

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