Avoid turning Biafra land into gun running, revenge mission – Mefor tells Kanu | NN NEWS

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The Director of Biafra Nation (BN) and the Heads of information and communication of Biafra De Facto Customary Government, (BDFCG) Uche Mefor has said to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, your threats and violence directed against Biafrans shall be your greatest undoing. That’s a suicidal mission for you unless you redirect/retrace your steps and set your priorities right. The records are there.

Mefor made the statement after Chief Ralf Uwazuruike alleged that Nnamdi Kanu sent unknown gunmen to kill him.

However, Mefor said Nnamdi Kanu must avoid unguarded utterances of violence and threat of death to Biafrans to avoid the enemies coming inti our land and harm our people and pitch our people against one another. 

Part of the statement reads; If this ugly incident is collaborated and confirmed to be true, then there is absolutely something fundamentally wrong with the way Kanu is of late pursuing Biafra Restoration because he must choose his priorities and targets very carefully and wisely too. 

Kanu formed ESN and claimed that they are in the bush and progressively called them variant of names depending on what suits the narrative at any particular point in time. Through his inspiration, some of the violent activities have been reported on the streets of Biafraland. The worrying aspect is that he will order for BIAFRANS to be killed and claim glory and responsibility in some of the actions by the gunmen and some people would defend the indefensible instead of advising a change of strategy. Yes, change of strategy because we all know our common enemy who are killing us but Kanu’s strategy is delivering contrary results of attacking BIAFRANS instead of warding off the ENEMY. Evidence abounds nobody can argue successfully against this.  

The disapproval with and the contentious nature of the idea and act of molestation of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on his traditional wedding day is not in question but if it is true that Nnamdi Kanu sent his armed killer squad to go after Chief Uwazurike, then Kanu’s latest strategy is obviously counterproductive and further vindicates the position here that the security outfit is a private armed group and Kanu was to eventually use the security outfit to witch-hunt his real and imagined enemies as there is no regulation that would prevent extra-judicial decisions and conduct of the operatives. 

Today, Kanu threatens individuals and groups and imposes his will as if Biafraland is his conquered territory. If the Fulani conquered the Hausa as he would always make reference to, does he Kanu then and now wants to conquer Biafraland? Is Kanu now the Biafra version of Fulani conquest of the North in Biafraland that nobody will talk anymore? Well, we must talk! 

On records, we warned against leaving arms and other weapons of warfare in the hands and control of unregulated non-state actors. We warned against consultation and collaboration with important stakeholders if such security is for the benefit of our people unless what we want is anarchy and chaos in our land for cannot wilfully turn our land to like Northern part of Nigeria. We took that position because if such is the case, then there is high possibility of proliferation of armed militia groups in Biafraland. 

Further, we have maintained that we don’t want war in Biafraland; and that it remains the last undesirable option. However, we cannot run away if one is brought to us in which case, we face the aggressors and not ourselves. We have also stated that Biafrans must not be the ones to bring violence to Biafraland and must not be the ones to wilfully spill Biafran blood on Biafran soil. 

The question that must be asked in the midsts of all these carnages and the reality before us is this: are the threats or assassinations or both of BIAFRANS by BIAFRANS the way to get Biafra restored? 

If this is not quelled or curtailed, then the impending anarchy would be far-reaching and indeterminate and war merchants who don’t care about human life would make fortune of the killings of BIAFRANS in Biafraland. 

Biafraland is not an empire and as such we don’t want emperors in Biafraland. 

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, retrace your steps and stop the nuisance against your fellow Biafrans!

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