Bala moves to reclaim governorship ticket after crashing out of presidential race | NN NEWS

The executive governor of Bauchi State Senator Bala Mohammed, who crashed out of the presidential primary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) held at the weekend in Abuja has returned to secure his ticket for a second term of office.

Dailytrust quoting reliable sources in the ruling party and government circle in the state said that the governor, who despite not participating in the governorship primaries, is still the candidate of the party for the 2023 general elections.

The party’s governorship ticket was won by a former secretary to Bauchi State government, Barrister Ibrahim Kassim.

He was the sole aspirant for the governorship seat during the primaries held by the party in the state.

Barrister Kassim was declared the winner by the Returning Officer, Hassan Grema, who said the aspirant scored 655 votes out of 656 as one vote was declared invalid.

However, the name and picture of Governor Mohammed appeared on the primary election ballot paper which made people curious.

Responding to enquiries by journalists over the issue immediately after the primaries, the state PDP chairman, Alhaji Hamza Koshe Akuyam, was quoted as saying “No, he (Mohammed) didn’t buy the form. It was a printing error that his name appeared on the ballot.”

A source said there was an inside arrangement for Governor Mohammed to contest for his second term as plan ‘B’ in the event he lost at the presidential primaries which have already come to pass.

The source, who spoke to our reporter on phone said, “It all depends on what the people of Bauchi State decide. He contested for the presidential ticket based on their calls and that of other Nigerians. It is also for them to decide what he does next.

When told that the party has already conducted its governorship primaries which the governor did not participate in, the source said, “that notwithstanding, whatever the people decide will be done.”

He added, “The governor is somebody who answers the calls of his people. Only God knows what will happen tomorrow. Yes, we have a candidate. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? It is only Allah that knows.”

“I am telling you, both the person who was chosen by the people of Bauchi State and Bala Mohammed who went for the presidential ticket, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. Their fate lay in what the people decide. You will see what will happen subsequently.”

When asked to be precise on whether the governor is going for his second term, the source said, “Yes, that is it. You know the presidential contest was an experience. Just like going on a voyage.”

Another source close to the governor, who also spoke to our reporter on phone on Sunday, confirmed that the governor would be going for a second term.

“You know, the person holding the ticket is only holding forte for him ‘on trust’. So, he will definitely get the ticket and will contest for second term,” he said.

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