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The BIM-MASSOB hereby congratulate Alhaji Asari Dokubo, Edi Abali Calabari, on his emergence as the leader of the Biafra De Facto Customary Government. His emergence is a clear manifestation of monthly concerted efforts at reconciling different groups leanings towards achieving harmony against a common enemy. The father of the nation, Chief Dr. R.L Uwazurike extends his unalloyed support and  


in this non-violence agreement. 

Asari Dokubo is a fearless principal actor in our quest for Biafra Actualization Mission and has remained ever assertive and indefatigable. His principled stand on Biafra restoration project is an encouragement to all and a deterrent to the warring enemy. And in this he finds favour in Uwazurike’s endorsement. 

The very unrelenting contributions of notable Uchenna Asiegbu, BNC deputy Chairman(Omiomio), Dr. Emeka Okeadu, Emeka Emekesiri, Mazi Uche Mefor, Ike Nwanonenyi, Ikenna Obibi Egeonu, Obidi Obienu, Eberechukwu Anigbogu (Deputy), Uduogu Nwanyinya, George Onyibe are highly commendable and deeply appreciated. Their sacrifice shall never be in vain; and we shall ever remember. Special thanks goes to Chief Uwazurike, father of the Biafra Nation, who gave his blessings. 

As we march on, we ask all to be part of this commitment and in our efforts towards unifying Eastern Region; Certain that we are building for ourselves, and for our generations born and unborn. Our stand cuts across group lines. And in this respect our mission to The Hague and to Zanzibar becomes collective. We have Biafra in mind.  

Ikenna Obibi Egeonu  

Diaspora Representative to Chief Uwazurike 

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