Biafra-Heroes-Day – By Charles Ogbu

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Outnumbered, outgunned and blockaded from land, Air and Sea while under the combined fire powers of Britain, Russia, Morocco, Egypt and of course, Nigeria, and with no one by their side other than their sheer will and determination to defend their right to life and dignity of the human person, the Biafrans were condemned to a war they were fated to lose but even more fated to fight.

Artisans, every day men, and Children volunteered and took up the duty of protecting their honor and right to live like free men even if they knew they would die doing so.

And even though this “thing” masquerading as a Nation, too ashamed of her past and too arrogant to acknowledge it, would do anything to delete that part of our history, we, your kins who were forced to bury empty coffins, WE REMEMBER

We seek no monuments from the murderous Monster that is the Nigerian state, we already built enough of those in our hearts for you.

You were guilty of one “crime” – being born in a country that is deaf, dumb and blind to the sanctity of human lives but which must be sustained and kept as One even if it means the death of all that lives therein.

Although their fighter jets have been deployed to our land, their armoured tanks lie in wait and their guns on trigger mode waiting to feed off our blood, today, WE REMEMBER YOU

Neither gods nor men will make us forget your sacrifices and uncommon bravery in the face of impossible odds.

Though you are no more, you yet draw breath in our hearts and you shall live on in our memories even when our memories cease to exist for we shall ensure that generations after us are NOT UNaware of your sacrifices.






As we mark the anniversary of Biafra, THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN, as we remember the war – a war we were fated to fight and even more fated to lose, as we celebrate our ingenuity and shear doggedness of surviving the blockade, the bombardment, the international conspiracy by historical enemies – East and West who surprisingly forgot their hostility and joined forces against Biafra, as we remember rising through the ashes of destruction, starvation, hunger, diseases and deliberate economic terrorism by the Nigeria St just like the Phoenix that we are, as we refuse to dis-remember the fact that the events in the country today pose a grave existential threat to all of us, probably far worse than 1967, it is only reasonable that we bear thought towards home to remember our men and women of the ‘night watch’ who used their bodies as human shield against our 1967 Night Kings and their international armies of the dead.

Let me share with you all a documentary on the WOUNDED BIAFRA VETERANS abandoned for many years after the war. It is titled #OGBUNIGWE. Produced by Amarachi Attamah. In this documentary, you will hear directly from the BIAFRA veterans; their wars, their woes, and a part of the BIAFRA story you’ve never heard before. A special thanks to Akachukwu Okeke, Anwulika Udanoh and Agbalanze Bube. The condition of these men is to our collective shame.

Below is the joint account opened by the VETERANS themselves.


For further inquiries, here is the phone number of the secretary of the veterans. 07039128902

Because producing this documentary took a whole lot of money and was self funded, asking that we appreciate the producer by subscribing to the YouTube channel as we watch isn’t asking for too much, is it?



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