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Biafra Nation has sent message of unionism to their brethren from Igbo – Ndoni – Ibibio – Anagh – Isoko – Igalla – Ikwerre – Ogoja – Anioma – Oron – Ogoni – Efik – Itsekiri – Urhobo – Agatu – Idoma – Igbo – Ijaw and others. 

In a statement by Mr. Solomon Egbo, Mr. George Onyibe and Mr. Chris Council Oghenerioborue and approved by the leader of Biafra Nation, Mazi Uche-Okafor Mefor called on Biafra Indigenous Nationalities to join hands collectively to restore Biafra Nation. 

They also released WhatsApp, numbers and social medias handles to contact and follow in fasting unification of Biafra. 

Read part of the statement below; 

Join hands collectively to restore Biafra Nation—-a union of Indigenous Nationalities of many and varied backgrounds and of ideological persuasions of the former Republic of Biafra (our Heritage). The People of Biafra have waited upon God Almighty and it is now time to renew their strength under the divinely ordained Biafra Nation platform.  

We adhere strictly to the dictates of international human rights law and as such dedicate ourselves to the defence of human rights and fundamental freedoms of all. We reject all forms of armed struggle (which on its own is a provocation and directing of violence towards others). However, we believe in the right to self-defence permissible under the law. We commit ourselves to democratic values, economic development and empowerment of our people socially, culturally, and politically in Biafranland. Our blueprint is designed in line with the requirements of international law on the attainment of statehood and this shall remain our guiding principle and yardstick/barometer for measuring success (i.e both Declaratory and Constitutive theories) which we shall apply in our unique situation. Every Nation of Biafra shall be independent and develop at her own pace within the Union. There shall be mutual respect, deep and sustained consultation with every prospective nation of the Union; and with respect for any choice of name preferred by such party to the Union. There shall be agreement or memorandum of understanding or Act of Consent among members of the Union. We cannot rule out, for instance, the “Union of Biafra and Niger Delta Republic” if so agreed. We shall not shy away from deferring to concensus and persuasive, aggregated opinions on matters or issues of public interest in making adjustments in good faith and for the benefit of all. 

There shall be collegiate approach to the administration of Biafra Nation project which shall be on rotational basis among the parties to the Union (details could be found in THE GUIDE AND BLUEPRINT FOR BIAFRA—–OUR HERITAGE).  


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