Biafra unity gathers momentum as Mefor, Obienu, Iroanya reconcile

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THE unity of Biafra gathering momentum as the deputy leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra, Mazi Uche-Mefor and former North America representative of IPOB, Obidi Obienu finally reconciled with the former IPOB’s Heads of DOS, Dr Clifford Iroanya. 

Mefor who has been speaking on the Biafra Human Rights Radio, monitored by NN News, is calling for peace and unity among pro Biafra groups. He however, urged Biafra to forget their differences and come together in other to move Biafra restoration in the right direction. 

According to ElombahNews, Dr Clifford Iroanya authoritatively confirmed the development from his US base. Iroanya said he has reconciled with them for the betterment of our people.

According to Dr Clifford Iroanya, his desire for the freedom of the region is one of the propelling factors that led to the reconciliation amongst them.

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