Biafra@54: Group tell Britain, Gowon, Danjuma, others to apologize for complicit genocide, describes it as crime against humanity | NN NEWS

Coalition of Southern Nigeria Groups have demanded that the governments of Britain, France, General Yakubu Gowon (rtd), Gen. T.Y Danjuma (rtd) and General David Mark (rtd) should unreservedly apologise to the people of old Eastern Nigeria for their alleged complicit roles in the genocidal killing of more than 2 million indigenous people. 

The coalition said those affected included Ndi-Igbo, Ikwerres, Ijaws, Efiks, Ibibios, Ogonis, Anangs, Urhobos, Benin, Ishangs and others during the Nigeria/Biafra Civil War. 

The group views the ugly historical actions of the aforementioned persons and states as crime against humanity. 

The coalition made the demands in a statement issued and signed in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, yesterday, by Livingstone Wechie Facilitator, CSNG, Ahmed Willie Pwajok (For the Middle-Belt), Yunusa Yusuf (President, Abuja Grassroot Project, rep, Abuja Indigenous People), Innocent Okocha (Head of Administration), Nze Ikechukwu Nwala (General Secretary), Orobosa Anthony (Head of Operations) and Ejiro Oghene-Francis (Diaspora representative). 

Facilitator of CSNG, Wechie, expressed: “It is unfortunate that General Yakubu Gowon, a one-time Military Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has in the face of these heinous historical allegations suddenly disguised himself into a prayer warrior with the blood of more than 2 million souls in his hands, as he continues to look the other way with his mischievous “Nigeria Prays” newly found enterprise. 

“As for General T.Y Danjuma, reports are abundant as per his reported complicit mastermind of the bulk of the killings along with the then Major Mark, who is now a former Senate President of Nigeria. It was Gen. Danjuma who allegedly opened up the Southern gates to those he is today fighting who at that time carried out the reported killings. 

“It is important to state that Britain, France, Generals Gowon, Danjuma and Mark among others, cannot extricate themselves from responsibility for the more 2 million innocent lives that they allegedly destroyed during that period under review. 

“It is significant because it is believed that they laid the foundation and set the stage for the endless crisis that has characterised that region and continues to unwarrantedly take hundreds of more lives till date”. 

According to the group, the Nigerian government is still painstakingly grappling with the situation in the old Eastern region reportedly caused by those persons along with their remnants in the corridors of power without denial. 

Wechie said: “At this point, we urge the Nigerian government not to relent, but in honour, ensure the reparation for the affected areas and ensure the full implementation of the Wilkins Commission Report and use of dialogue to resolve the ongoing crisis because guns will further escalate the situation. 

“For the umpteenth time, Germany and France have publicly apologised to the Governments of Rwanda and Namibia respectively, for their lethal complicit roles in the genocide that they masterminded and sponsored in both states that cumulatively took more than one million lives at the time. 

“French President Emmanuel Macron on a visits to Rwanda last week, sought forgiveness from Rwandans for the mass killing of more than 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus; while Germany apologised on Friday, for its role in the genocidal massacre and slaughter of not less than 80,000 Herero and Nama people in Namibia more than a century ago. 

“It is our position that the trio of Generals Gowon, Danjuma and David Mark lack the moral rectitude to speak on the current conflict in the land. 

“Whereas we strongly sympathise with our neighbours and all the victims of the war on all sides, particularly the Middle-Belt, victims from the core North and the respective Minority tribes across the country at that time, it is regrettable that the same victims of the war are still undergoing various levels of attack resulting in the loss of lives and wanton destruction of property today. 

“CSNG urges Gen. Danjuma to own up or deny publicly because his recent outbursts are seen as a foul-cry and a cover-up. He is using his people whom he falsely claims to be representing now being attacked after he sold out to selfishly do the bidding of perceived enemy forces. 

“Whereas our position is in good faith, we demand in the interest of justice that the affected persons and states mentioned should toe the line of France which should extend its Rwandan apology to Old Eastern Nigeria, with a view to ensuring reparation, a better future and human dignity for the affected people”.

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