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By Daniel Nistoran

I’m Romanian, I’m coming from Dacia, a place where more than 40000 years back oldest European people were living. Here, in Romania. There is history before Christ. My ancestors had a mighty God cold Zalmoxis who was ruling the people’s life by asking them to sacrifice one boy and one girl, the best ones, every year. I believe this is one of the reasons Romanian people are strong, therefore we were able to surmount all challenges over thousands of years, to preserve our language, culture, our way of being. 

I have made this introduction because when I am reading about Biafra, I am finding many resemblances between us. 


I am sure your grandparents and your parents told you stories about Biafra genocide. Or you saw the tragedy directly. I cannot imagine that. But I can imagine the future. 

There is a time for dreaming, a time for listening to stories, learning history. There is a time of accumulating knowledge, understanding your past, your culture, your heritage. This time will make a difference. 

Biafra is a family. This is what I am learning from Nkiruka, my wonderful Biafran wife. This is what I felt when I was there, in Lagos and Abuja. I was around wonderful people, my Biafra family, and I felt once more Biafra tolerance to other people, to other religions, to other skin colors. Even to other Gods, to other dreams. 

Bless you, my brothers, my sisters. 


Leaders stand up, politicians stand up, people stand up for Biafra. And many sacrificed themselves and their families because of times of unproper actions. It’s true, there is a time for action, but for me action means: A loaded brain is more powerful than a loaded weapon! 

You know about geo-political interest, colonies kind of countries, the powerful leaders, the world domination, and interest for the globe’s reaches. I am sure you want to change this, deal with the world as equals, built your own future as you would like for yourself and your children. And please do, by celebrating Biafra as the first Western African country getting its independence in a democratic way. 

I will not insist more on action because this month is Biafra celebration. One of the oldest civilizations in the world, my family. Your family. 


I was celebrating Biafra day every May for the last 7-8 years.

Let us celebrate Biafra once again, let us celebrate with future in our hearts, let everybody celebrate the beauty in every person, our families, the life itself. Let us celebrate especially life. I will bring Zalmoxis to help this endeavor. And if he will ask for the best of the best to sacrifice, I will tell him: many brave men, women and children already sacrificed themselves, but their dreams and hopes are still alive. Enough sacrifice, enough struggles, enough tears. 

Let us celebrate, with respect for the past and confidence in the future. Let us remember with peace in our mind and let praise God to realize our common dream: Biafra! 


Celebrate this every day of your life and especially on 30 May! 

Happy Biafra Day! 

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