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By virtue of the right to self-determination of Indigenous Peoples recognized in numerous international and regional instruments, the Biafran Transitional Parliament [BTP] after a closed-door joint session of the Upper and Lower Chambers have appointed Colonel Nsikak Akpan as new Head of the Biafran National Guard [BNG]. Until his appointment, the Colonel was the Spokesperson for BNG.

Accepting his new role, Col. Nsikak Akpan pledged loyalty to the cause for the freedom of Indigenous Biafrans. He assured of his commitment to follow in the blueprint for the restoration of Biafra sovereignty as formulated by his predecessor, Gen. Innocent Orji. He urged Biafrans not to relent in various supports given to BNG.

The Head of BNG mentioned he envisioned the noncompliance by the occupying State of Nigeria on the release of the Biafran prisoners of conscience held in the Onitsha and Awka Prisons. They are as follows: Uche Idikaigbo, Michael Okezie, Uchenna Nicholas, Peter Igbokwe, Ikechukwu Aghara, Mrs. Onyekachi Orji, Miss Okwudiri Bassey, Chima Asor and Chinweike Irondi.

Others are Sabastine Amadi, Casmir Odakara, Ojemba Anyanwu, Eni Kalu, Ndubisi Okam, Ikechukwu Chikwem, Emmanuel Orji, Chukwuma Kalu, Chidiebere Chikwem and Mmaduabuchi Asika.

Continuing, Nsika chided the Nigeria state for extra-judicially imprisoning these innocent men and women whose alleged crime is seeking the right to self-determination. It is established that the occupying State has mobilized and training a special armed force to counter the Biafran Army from disrupting the proposed governorship poll in defunct Anambra state. He emphasized that BNG is ready to dance to the violent tune synonymous with the occupying Nigeria state.

In strict terms, the leader of BNG warned every individual, group or organization that plans to participate in the defunct Anambra state governorship poll to shelve such plan in order not to be caught in the cross-fire that shall ensue between personnel of BNG and that of the occupying State special armed force. He affirmed that actions of BNG in the defunct state will reveal the readiness of the Biafran Army to mobilize, defeat, occupy and stabilize every nooks and crannies of Biafraland. He called for continuous prayers and intercession on behalf of the Biafran National Guard. 

Barr. Mark Roman congratulated the newly appointed BNG leader, urging him not to relent in his diligence and steadfastness in carrying out his duties which convinced the parliament to appoint him as the most suitable candidate in the list sent by the Biafran Supreme Military Council Of Administration [BSMCA]. He reminded Col. Nsikak not to overwrite any means which will hasten the total restoration of Biafran sovereignty. 

The Head of the Upper Chamber advised those whom are against the activities of the parliament to study the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples [UNDRIP]. He reassured the people of Biafra that the Parliament is working harmoniously with the law and common sense as their main objective is the independence of the State of Biafra. 

Barr. Mark berated the occupying State and its armed forces on their nonchalant display over the recent shooting down of ‘NAF fighter jet 475′ in Borno state by ISIS affiliated terrorists sect – BokoHaram. The Head of Upper Chamber pondered if the situation will be similar had it happened in the defunct eastern region. Of course not! He responded. 

Mark Roman revealed that the BokoHaram terrorists’ acquisitions of sophisticated weaponry such as a “quad barreled ZSU-23-4 Shilka” anti-aircraft gun are made possible via sponsorship and support by top Fulani Islamic fundamentalists in the Nigeria government and armed forces. 

Meanwhile, the Principal of the Lower Chamber advised Col. Nsikak to remain focus and attentive to detail on his new role while assuring him of support from the parliament. 

Mrs Okiemute Amughghoro described defunct governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state as an irresponsible leader who always preferred to accommodate and finance the terrorists Fulani herdsmen for his selfish political interest and now they have turned around to murder scores of innocent and defenseless civilians in the defunct state. 

She demanded that the defunct governor and his likes must stop shedding crocodile tears when terrorists Fulani herdsmen attack defenseless Indigenous Biafrans because their own hands are also soiled with innocent blood because they shielded and empowered the vicious sect. 

The Principal insisted the defunct governors, and other political office holder of every state that comprises every Indigenous clans of Biafraland must take responsibility for further deaths in the defunct South-East and South-South as they have refused to prioritize the security of lives and properties of denizens but prefer to hobnob and pamper the bloodthirsty terrorists disguising as herdsmen. 

Furthermore, after deliberation by the Upper and Lower Chambers of the Biafran Transitional Parliament the following resolutions were passed; 

(i.) On the noncompliance over the deadline and unwarranted adjournments of the case instituted against these Biafran prisoners of conscience by the occupying Nigeria State, the parliament mandated the Biafran National Guard to disrupt the defunct Anambra state poll by every means possible not exempting self-defense. 

(ii) The inhumane activities against Biafrans by extra-judicial gang “Anti-Cult Special Police Force” located along Ring Road Enugwu-Ukwu/Nise Bypass are empowered from the occupying state capital in Abuja and must be nipped in the bud without delay. 


Barr. Mark Roman, 
Head – Upper Chamber, BTP. 

Mrs Okiemute Amughghoro, 
Principal – Lower Chamber, BTP. 

Mrs. Alabrah Stephanie, 
Deputy-Head – Upper chamber, BTP. 

Chief Okwudili Nwaoha, 
Deputy-Principal – Lower chamber, BTP. 

Col. Nsikak Akpan, 
Leader – BNG/BSMCA. 

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