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The Director of the Biafra Nation (BN) and the Head of Biafra De Facto Customary Government (BDFCG) Diokpa Uche Okafor-Mefor, has said in statement that Biafra must not be the ones to willfully spill Biafran blood on the Biafra soil, we must not assume the role of the aggressors and in the process unbrand the noble Biafra brand.

However, said we believe in lawful self-defence against unlawful use of force or aggression directed to us by the aggressors but not going on provocation or offensive conduct against our own. 

Part of the statement reads; We shall continue to state the obvious:  War is the last undesirable option for us, Biafrans. We should boldly and courageously profess this but must not run away if one is brought to us due to no fault of ours. Even at that, we must choose carefully and wisely too. 

Biafra agitators shouldn’t be the ones to bring war or violence to Biafraland against their own. They shouldn’t be the ones to wilfully spill Biafran blood on Biafran soil. This is because the consequences could be divisive, colossal and unintendedly indeterminate in terms of its reprisal, ricocheting effects.  

As other parts of Nigeria are imploding, Biafraland must be insulated from it and protected by Biafrans themselves because of our unique experiences in the past. Let this ugly history not repeat itself again in our time. The war of the 1960’s was unprepared as it was brought to us but that generation fought gallantly and made their marks regardless because they consulted, collaborated and overwhelmingly agreed within the limited time left for them. 

This time around, we must not be the ones to rush into the unprepared war or hostility ourselves unless brought to us like in the 60’s in which case we would be forced to defend ourselves. Still, it remains an expensive venture——must not be done unilaterally (if success is to be assured), rather it should be a collective endeavour. Humanitarian considerations, air, land and sea access and defensive strategies must be brought into immediate and reasonable purview of contemplation. And with the uncertainty and its inevitability increasingly stares the Nigerian state in the face, our own priorities should also be to equip ourselves, conserve energy and what we have and not the other way round. Be vigilant, consult, collaborate, synergize, wait for any eventual aggression by the enemy aggressors and not us to be the ones to be destabilising Biafraland and killing Biafrans of any shape with impunity as we see it today. That is a self-destructive strategy and tactics that must be discouraged, changed and jettisoned.


We believe in lawful self-defence against unlawful use of force or aggression directed to us by the aggressors but not going on provocation or offensive conduct against our own. 

This strategy must be changed or we continue to talk factually in statement of the obvious. If the said protection of lives and properties in Biafraland means making our land battlefield and our people wilful and deliberate victims of violence, then something is fundamentally wrong with strategy and tactics thereof. 

And let me clearer: 

Consciously or unconsciously, 

there is no sincerity in the narrative that our oppressors must die in Biafraland in order to justify an obvious,poorly crafted, self-destructive and misdirected, unilateral campaign of violence. The truth is that on record, the so-called enemies are already and have been in our land long ago but have not in reality the targets nor been the casualties. Instead, the casualties and the targets——the people dying all along since this violent campaign started are Biafrans, and not the aggressors. Of what purpose and need then are all these propaganda, threats and false hope of protection for our youths?

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