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BIM-MASSOB has dissociated itself from any pro-Biafra groups who don’t believe in non-violence approach to restore Biafra, saying will not have a place in the new Biafra history report Chief Ralph Uwazuruike will write. 

In a statement on February 28, 2021 read in full; 

The auditorium of Ojukwu memorial library was filled in high spirits with glorious and Thanksgiving songs to God Almighty at national executive meeting of the end of February, 2021 when the founder and leader of Bim-Massob, His Excellency, Chief (Dr.) Ralph Uwazuruike reveals his project of writing the new Biafra history report as the originator of non violence crusader in Africa which any pro-Biafra group who work with him through non violence will be accommodated in the new Biafra history report he will report. 

The Ijele Ndigbo before that forgave any person who has been clamouring for violence and later have a rethink and came back to non violence, we shall accept him back. We work with any people who believe in non violence, that is our stand and our policy when once you believe in non violence. 

Those who today don’t believe in non violence, who believe in violence, we shall never recognize them. We shall never recognize them, they have no place in Biafra history. As far as Biafra struggle is concerned, there records will never be kept because they believe in violence. We only keep the records of groups that believe in non violence with us, Uwazuruike stated. 

I am still the originator of the new Biafra. The Biafra struggle that has ended is the Ojukwu struggle. Uwazuruike struggle for Biafra has not ended until I hand over to another person. 

Some people will be saying that the time of Uwazuruike, he didn’t do this, he didn’t do that and where is Uwazuruike now which Ijele Ndigbo categorically stated that the only difference is that Uwazuruike is not a gun runner. I have not bought guns , Ak-47 and give to you my members to kill policemen or to kill Nigeria soldiers so that my name will come on the news headlines. I don’t want those names, I don’t want that popularity. I don’t want the blood of an innocent men to be used for my popularity. 

I have been much in the struggle. Am the leader of Biafra struggle and at the end of the day, I will write my own report and is my report that matters. I have not handed over to anybody. 

So whatever you are doing today, as a violent crusader, you will not come into the record because the new Biafra struggle is premise on non violent and that was my assurance, the promise I gave to our leader, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu that made him to support me and I will never deviate at his back. 

If am going to write report about Biafra, it has to be on those who fought the struggle with me on the basis of non violence. So am telling you people these so that you will tell them. 

Those who are killing people, burning Army barracks, police stations, threatening hell fire on earth, you are not fighting for Biafra. You are fighting for yourself. 

We can never go to war, we shall never. Even if we have all the weapons in the world today, we shall never go to war with Nigeria. 

And even if America, Britain, Russia, France and China said that they will sponsor us to go to war with Nigeria, we shall tell them capital NO.  

We shall get Biafra through non violence because all these European and American countries they are recognising, did they fight war which is capital NO. We can’t fight war, why must we fight war? Uwazuruike queried 

War we fight before between 1967-1970, did it give us Biafra? It didn’t give is Biafra. So if you want to impose it on war, use that one we fought and give us Biafra, Uwazuruike to those that believe in violent to get Biafra. 

If anybody tells you that we are going to get Biafra through war, tell that person that Isi adighi ya mma(the person is mad) and these people who are saying that are saying it because they are not base in Nigeria, they ran away. 

When they were in Nigeria, they never declared any war, they never killed any soldiers, they never killed any police but when they ran out of Nigeria, they became tiger and started instigating any violence here. 

If they know that they are heroes, let them come back, stand with me and fight the war then I will recognise them, the originator of non violence crusader in Africa concluded.

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