Boko Haram attacks Yobe town burnt all govt buildings, residence district head | NN NEWS

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Boko Haram has attacked another Yobe town, the third attack in two weeks. 

The insurgents stormed Kanama, headquarters of Yunusari Local Government, early Sunday, sources said. 

They have burnt all the government buildings and the residence of the district head,’ a security source told Daily Sun

Details of the attack were incomplete as at press time due to the poor telecommunication facilitiea in the area. 

Boko Haram had raided Geidam, the hometown of the new Inspector General of Police, some kilometres to Kanama, the scene of the Sunday attack days after an attack at Buni Yadi. 

Kanama is located along the Nigeria’s border with Niger Republic. It first experienced armed insurrection late December 2003. The terror group, which later became into Boko Haram, had burnt the divisional police station, the local government secretariat, government lodge and other public buildings.

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