BREAKING: Biafra unity gathered momentum as Biafra Nation moves to reconcile pro Biafra across the globe | NN NEWS

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Biafra unification has gathered overwhelming momentum as Biafra Nation (BN) led by Diokpa Uche Okafor-Mefor concluded plans to reconcile with other pro Biafra and bring Biafra movement under one umbrella. 

In a statement by BN interim spokesman, Edoziuno Chukwunonso said that the reconciliation move is aimed at fostering the spirit of the struggle for Biafra and hence assiduously working towards restoring Biafra in the shortest time possible through collegial efforts. 

It also noted that no single group can restore the defunct nation of Biafra and that Biafra belongs to all and for all Biafrans. 

“We maintain that no single group can restore Biafra because of where we found ourselves today. A group of Biafrans are trampling on fellow Biafrans in order to get to the top thereby selling ill-narratives and promoting themselves as emperors in a bid to lord over people they never consulted nor were given consent to speak on their behalf or represent them. We insist that Biafra belongs to all and for all Biafrans.” 

However, he further said that the call for reconciliation and unification has received positive responses. 

He finally appealed to all freedom fighters to join the call and repudiate the struggle and fight for the restoration of Biafra. 

“In less than three months this call for reconciliation and unification, the Biafra Nation has received positive responses to this call. Today as we shall experience it will leave a bold print on the soil of history. We continue to encourage all genuine Biafrans and lovers of freedom to join us as we repudiate this struggle and fight for our restoration of our lost heritage together with one voice and with one strength.” 

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