BREAKING: Sheikh Kabara allegedly poisoned, bleeding blood at Kano Correctional Centre – Lawyer | NN NEWS

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Controversial Islamic cleric Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasir Kabara has been reportedly sick to the extent that he’s bleeding blood at a Correctional facility in Kano, according to POLITICS DIGEST reports.

His lawyer Yakubu Abdullahi confirmed the situation to journalists, some disciples of the cleric alleged that the he was poisoned at the correctional centre.

“He was hale and hearty before taking to correctional custody on Monday after being prosecuted by the Kano State Government”. His lawyer said.

Abduljabbar Kabara was prosecuted by the state government on allegations of blasphemy against the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW.

An allegation that he denied after one day of issuing an apology to the muslims in the state.

Kabara made the apology after participating in a debate with coalition of Kano Ulama’s organized by the state government.

He refused to respond to the questions raised citing the shortage of time for him to do so.

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