British High Commissioner highlights strategies to tackle Boko Haram | NN NEWS

The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Dr Andrew Pocock, has said for the country to overcome the security challenges facing it, the government must properly equip its military, against the backdrop of increasing serial attacks by the Boko Haram insurgents in some parts of the Northeast. 

He also said that the Nigerian government can come up with a well-articulated security network, as well as developing a sound economic agenda for the people of the Northeast and other affected areas. 

Dr Pocock made this remarks at an interaction with some journalists in Kaduna, North West Nigeria, Channel TV reports. 

The High Commissioner, who attributed the increasing bombings in the Northeast to lack of cohesion among security agencies and other stakeholders, said that the only way to defeat the insurgents is to make Nigeria’s security forces more resilient. 

According to him, with the huge amount earmarked for the Defence Sector in its annual budget, Nigeria should be capable of providing adequate weapons for its military, rather than waiting for help from outside countries. 

He explained that, rather than assisting Nigeria with weapons or troops in the ongoing war against terror, Britain can only support Nigeria by way of training and retraining of its military personnel in order to enable them be effective on the field. 

He also said, the only way the abducted Secondary School girls in Chibok, Borno State can be rescued from their abductors is for the military to defeat the insurgents. 

In recent times, several attacks have been recorded in the Northern part of the country which has left hundreds of people dead and thousands injured.

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