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The supporters of President Muhammadu Buhari under the umbrella of the Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) have raised an alarm over a plot to force the President to resign, Sunday Telegraph reports.

According to the supporters, a former civilian president, whose name was not mentioned and some other conspirators are behind the plot.

They, however, warned the plotters of a forced resignation plan to quickly perish the thought and save the country from avoidable constitutional crisis and civil unrest.

In a statement signed by its Chairman Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary Cassidy Madueke released in Abuja, the pro-Buhari group lampooned the conspirators for their recourse to unconstitutional means to force the resignation of President Buhari, describing the move as reckless and anti-Nigeria.

The group said: “Our highly reliable security sources have informed us of the determination of the former President to go ahead with a plan to cause disaffection in the country through a planned conference of so-called eminent Nigerians. While the Conference ostensibly aims to review the state of the nation, we can authoritatively confirm that it is actually a premeditated plan to create confusion in the polity by calling President Buhari to resign after a supposed vote of no confidence.

“Our security sources said the worries over this latest move by the former leader are not so much about the illegality of the planned declaration but the anarchical mind-set behind it, especially given the growing resurgence of military putsch in the West African sub-region. Any appearance of national confusion, even if scripted without any basis, could fuel unreasoned confusion.

“We, therefore, call on Nigerians to be wary of manoeuvres by people who are desperate to erode the foundation of our hard-fought democracy to further the agenda of a desperate, bumptious and self-serving group of elites besotted with power to the point that they are ready to throw the country into a contrived pandemonium to remain relevant.”

It would be recalled that several political groups including the Southern Governors had asked the President to address the nation but with no result.

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