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By Emmanuel Ogebe

President Muhammadu Buhari’s regime last year declared wanted a foreign national from Niger for defrauding Nigeria of arms funds in the amounts of approximately $400 million, N400 million and €10 million (Total N195,900,000,000) 

One person from Niger stole almost N200 Billion arms money and vanished under Buhari’s government. 

The Nigerien suspect Hima is wanted, meaning the whole defense intelligence of Nigeria cannot find the person they contracted to supply them arms. 

No one has been fired or prosecuted for this mega fraud. The service chiefs under whom this mega looting occurred have been rewarded with ambassadorial appointments. The NSA is still in office. 

Instead of closing the border with Niger until they produce the N200 Billion thief, Buhari is spending $2Billion on trains to Niger. 

We really need to know – if Buhari can capture Nnamdi Kanu in East Africa but cannot capture a fugitive Niger citizen next door, isn’t it clear then that somebody from Niger has more privileges in Nigeria than a citizen from the dot? 

The same week, the Buhari regime savagely attacked the home of Southwestern security advocate Sunday Igboho, killing two guards and arresting others and his cat. 

When a tyrant begins to fear cats then you know that the end is near. 

It is now patently clear that the Buhari regime has truly waged war against southern Nigeria 

while bandits who abduct children from school for ransom are rewarded handsomely with billions in the north. 

We recall that he blamed President Jonathan’s war on terror as an attack on Buhari’s “northern brothers” so Buhari is now apparently revenging by attacking the south back. 

It is noteworthy that globally inglorious Terrorist Shekau whom Buhari consistently claimed had been killed only recently died at his own hands with no celebration but northern Nigeria was agog with jubilation on the abduction and rearrest of Nnamdi Kanu. How can this be one nation when northern terrorists and foreign criminals are held in more esteem than southern citizens? 

The FGN waged war on Citizen Igboho and not vice versa. It is an abomination for an elephant to run from a rat. 

The Buhari regime has shown that peaceful protest is punishable and violent criminality is laudable. What a travesty! 

By the mysterious kidnap of Kanu from abroad, Buhari has once again re-enacted the international criminality that made him infamous and a pariah as military dictator in the ’80s over the Umaru Dikko saga. Buhari has now outdone all the evils of his prior time in office and exceeded all the wrongs he accused President Jonathan of. 

Truly Nigeria does bad to good people and does good to bad people! 

As we celebrate Independence Day in America, we are appreciative of President Joe Biden’s recognition of Juneteenth as a holiday to give African Americans a greater sense of belonging while Buhari is doing the opposite. 

We pray – 

May God deliver Nigeria from spiritual wickedness in high places. 

•Emmanuel Ogebe is Managing Partner of US Nigeria Law Group, Washington.

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