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Before the creation of man, the issue of security had never been in contention. God the creator is security-conscious, so man has also been a security-conscious being. Securing life and property entails strategic procedures that need detail arrangements, if anticipated results are to be achieved. From generation to generation, security issues have fully engaged the attention of man either for good or for evil tendencies. When security is reverted to evil tendencies, there is every probability for evil-minded persons to be behind their application. On the other hand, when security is handled by people with good intentions, the ultimate purpose is to channel it to capable hands that would protect life and property. 

I will not delve much into the chequered history of insecurity in Nigeria. However, the ascension of President Muhammadu Buhari, a retired military general who went into politics and was elected President in 2015, has left many doubting if it is the same Buhari we all know about his antecedents, or if old age and ill health have taken a big toll on his personality that we know.  This should serve as a big lesson to the electorate, that the younger the candidate, the better, for such an energy-sapping position. 

A military personality that would not have condoned criminality enveloping every space of the country. It has been a sad commentary on a continuous trend, leaving the citizens in total confusion. 

If farms are not ruined by armed herdsmen, then students would be abducted in large numbers like fish caught in a fisherman’s net. Added to that are vicious kidnappers operating along major highways for ransom, while the bandits ransack communities, killing and maiming innocent, helpless Nigerians. 

They brandish illegal weapons for acts of criminality in many states. These have increased and created an ambience of hopelessness and fear among the people, pointing to an insecure country. 

When Buhari spoke with Aljazeera Television in 2014, in addition to his maiden speech in 2015, he vowed to tackle the painful issue of security.  Six whole years after, it looks as if those pledges were done while Nigerians were sleeping and are still sleeping, since the terrorist gangs are still operational. 

Those regions of the country are reverting to self-help and finding ways of securing their space, people and property is sequel to the unrelenting criminal tendencies of these bandits and kidnappers that are on the prowl across the country, while the police that is funded specifically to handle internal insecurity looks overwhelmed and overtly despondent. These security lapses on the part of government and the police have warranted the establishment of quasi-security outfits like the Western “Amotekun” (The Leopard) and the Eastern “Ebube-Agu” (Might of the Leopard). Unfortunately, the five governors of the eastern states waited for 15 months after the South-West governors set the pace with their ingenious strategy before they came up with theirs, which is still engrossed in controversy. Ebube Agu Security Network gives the wrong impression of absolute lack of complete commitment in crafting the name, which is almost a duplicate of that of the South-West and even more grevious to find out that it it even has a resemblance with the outlawed militant arm of IPOB known as “Eastern Security Network” (ESN). One would have expected the governors to drift far away from anything with semblance with IPOB. More worrisome is the grouping of all the five states under an umbrella knowing fully well that the Constitution has nothing to do with the word “Eastern” as this entails capturing all the five states under an umbrella. The time wasted in the formation of the security outfit would have been better used to think out an appropriate name and have a legal template for each state’s House of Assembly to ratify into law. Instead of all this rigmarole, I believe that, had this security outfit been established the same time as that of the Western Nigeria Security Network (WNSN) established on January 9, 2020, in lbadan, Oyo State, the recent terror unleashed on the people of Orlu, Owerri and other parts of the East would have been detected and brought under control. 

All these security groups were established because there is seeming breakdown of security in many states of the country.  

Didn’t the President and the Inspector-General of Police swear to an oath to ensure the safety of the citizens and their properties, not minding their ethnic or religious disposition? 

The abysmal failure of the Federal Government and the lackadaisical complacency of ex-Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Adamu Mohammed, who during his tenure failed to address many security issues like the EndSARS tragedy, led to the unfortunate birthing of these security outfits around the country. 

As for the Eastern Security Network, it is very clear that many hurdles would have to be safely crossed before the outfit can start sailing, unlike the easy and peaceful merging of the militant Odua Peoples Congress (OPC) with WSNS without any noticeable rancor nor acrimony. 

The South-East governors may not find it as easy as their South-West counterparts, with the Federal Government’s proscription of Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB and the states’ unrelenting anger against the ESN. One wonders where they will recruit their personnel who may be, at the end of the day, coded members of IPOB and ESN. If thorough profiling is not carried out, the authorities of the new outfit may unwittingly breed more internal security conflicts, when that was not the initial intention. 

Babandede and the Nigerian borders (3) 

There are 86 recognized, government-approved security border posts littered around the country, in addition to the four new posts at Idi-Iroko in Ogun State, Mfum in Cross River State, Jibiya in Katsina State and Illela in Sokoto State. 

The ideal formulation of the Comptroller-General, Nigeria Immigration Service, Mr. Muhammad Babandede, and the Minister for Interior would greatly reduce the overwhelming pressure at the borders and curb criminality. 

The Seme Command should be fortified in several ways to enable the service operate seamlessly in the control and monitoring of movement of persons in and out of the country, for effective and efficient border management and fortifying national security, if necessary, with the aid of drones.   (Concluded)

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