Caveat Emptor! ESN is not a legally-approved security outfit – By Clifford Iroanya | NN NEWS

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The Eastern Security Network (ESN) is not a legally-approved security outfit in Nigeria.

I have followed with some measure of surprise and amusement the arguments of those who support the formation and operations of the private security outfit called Eastern Security Network a.k.a. ESN and here are the reasons;

1) There is no sovereign country in the world where a private security outfit is not licensed or approved by the government of that country.

2) Every private security outfit keeps a log of its personnel with complete and detailed personnel information accessible to Government Regulatory agency and subject to background checks. That is the standard practice worldwide.

3) Private security outfit needs special permission by Government in order to carry assault rifles.

4) Private security outfit cannot be sponsored or owned by a proscribed or terror-tagged organization within the country where it plans to operate.

So, who authorized ESN to operate or who gave them License to Operate in Nigeria.

Which of the Government agencies gave them the approval to operate as a private security outfit or are they now government-owned security agency?

Who gave them permission to carry assault rifles?

Has IPOB, (the owner, sponsor and operator of ESN) been desproscribed and the terror-tag court order vacated and, if not, is IPOB, their supporters and co-financiers not in violation of TPA-2013?

As at the time of writing this article, Nigeria is still a sovereign country and the Nigerian Government has the authority to approve or disapprove any private security outfit. Nigeria also has the authority to determine which organization, outside of its own security agencies, that can carry assault rifles.

Therefore, ESN is operating in illegality and thereby exposing its members to arrest and harm by the trigger-happy Nigerian security agencies.

I therefore say to the owner of ESN and those financing and supporting them; CAVEAT EMPTOR!

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