‘Chop’ politicians’ money, vote a credible presidential candidate, Obi to Imo PDP delegates  | NN NEWS

The presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Peter Obi, has advised the party delegates to chop politicians money and vote credible candidates and to continue to mortgage their future by allowing monetary and other materialistic tendencies influence their choice of candidate in the delegate election.

The erstwhile governor of Anambra state and vice presidential candidate of the PDP in 2019 vowed to move Nigeria from a consuming nation to a producing nation while acknowledging that desperate politicians would go to any length to get the party ticket said ,” Politician will give you money during primaries , collect it and consider an aspirant who would change the country and make it better.”

Obi who stated this on Thursday when he visited the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Owerri, capital of Imo State to canvass support for his presidential ambition.

He said ,” When I became the governor nobody handed over to me and I operated with out Government House.
I completely started from the scratch but when I handed over I didn’t owe any contractor, pensioners, workers a dime.

” I have achieved such feat as an individual, as a governor and I can replicate it as a president of Nigeria if given a chance.

“Everything that will make the country work is fastly collapsing . The country is functioning on consumption economy . The only solution to move the country forward is to have a fomular for production. Our country is not productive.

Mr Obi said ,” My pleading to you my delegates is to look at our children’s future. No county of this size is looking for money to feed it’s self.

He said after a careful study of the country, I noticed that we’re too divided and promise to lead a united and secure Nigeria to be able to attract foreign investments.

His words, “Today when we wake up in Nigeria the only thing you here is killings , insecurity everywhere. There is no way you’ll not have problem when you have 35 percent unemployment rate in the country.

Engr Charles Ugwuh, Imo PDP Chairman earlier in his remarks told Obi that his desire remains their wishes .We know your mission is to rebuild Nigeria may God gives you all you needed to achieve,he said .

” We know your mission is to rebuild Nigeria may God gives you all you needed to achieve it . God works with rejected stone . Ndi-Igbo is that rejected stone and Obi is the that Igbo son which a new Nigeria will be built around.”

(The Sun)

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