Corruption continues to run rampant under sleepy Buhari’s govt – John Hopkins | NN NEWS

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An American applied economist at John Hopkins University, Baltimore, Steve H Hanke, has outrightly condemned President Muhammadu Buhari led administration over the increase in corruption in the country.

President Buhari and the All Progressives Congress during their presidential campaign in 2015 had promised Nigerians, “CHANGE”.

Buhari who was the presidential candidate of the party had promised to fight corruption and ensure that corrupt leaders are brought to justice.

However, there has been reactions over the high level of corruption since the APC-led administration came on board in 2015.

The situation in the country has gotten worse with security challenges in the country.

However, Hanke in a tweet via his Twitter account on Thursday revealed that under the “watchful eye of President Buhari who claimed to be fighting corruption, corruption has continued to run rampant in Nigeria.

Tagging Buhari a sleepy president, Hanke wrote, “Thanks to the “watchful” eye of Sleepy Buhari, corruption continues to run rampant in #Nigeria.

“Just look at Nigeria’s terrible “Control of Corruption” ranking by @WorldBank.

“Nigeria is at the bottom of the barrel,” he wrote

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