Corruption is getting worse in Nigeria says Peter Obi | NN NEWS

The former governor of Anambra state and Vice Presidential candidate in 2019 election, Peter Obi has said corruption is getting worse in Nigeria as citizens don’t need the report of Transparency International (TI) to know that corruption is getting worse in the country.

ARISE News had reported how Nigeria dropped three places and scored lower in the number of points than in the previous year’s record.

The low score is an indicator that corruption is perceived to have worsened in the country within the last year with TI scoring 25/100 which is one point less than its 26 points in the previous year.

It says Nigeria is now 149 out of 180 countries, a record that is three steps lower than its rank of 146 in 2019.

The presidency had however accused Transparency International of releasing “sensational and baseless rating on Nigeria and the fight against corruption.”

“Is corruption getting worse in Nigeria? Yes, we don’t need Transparency International to tell us that,” Obi told ARISE News on Tuesday where he featured on The Morning Show.

“We see it every day, we witness it every day, it is getting worse and we know it is getting worse.

“We have to respect and learn to listen when people are telling us the truth. It is not only when it favours us. In fact, one of the leadership tool is for you to listen and learn whenever you are criticised genuinely.”

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