Court order Tinubu to explain how fuel subsidy savings was spent

The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) on Tuesday revealed that it had obtained a court order mandating President Bola Tinubu to explain how he spent funds saved from the removal of fuel subsidy.

The rights organisation detailed that the Federal High Court in Lagos granted the order on Tuesday.

“The Federal High Court, Lagos has today granted us the leave to apply for an order of mandamus to direct and compel President Tinubu to disclose details of spending of the N400 billion fuel subsidy savings,” a statement by SERAP read.

President Tinubu had immediately removed fuel subsidy when he was sworn in as the country’s president.

The development triggered an increase in the pump price of fuel, going up from N189 per litre to over N600, which it currently sells, causing an outrageous hike in transportation and other commodities.

President Tinubu said in July that Nigeria could save over N1 trillion from the removal of petrol subsidy in a little over two months of the policy.

However, there has been an increased call for President Tinubu’s government to explain how he spent the money saved from the removal of the fuel subsidy.