David Vance accuses “Yoruba tribe” of using military might against the Igbos | NN NEWS

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David Vance an American Politician has accused “Yoruba tribe” in Nigeria of contributing on the massacre/ genocide of the Igbos in Nigeria.  

He said when the Igbos demanded to Exit Nigeria so as to control their border, laws and revenues, that Yoruba’s refused and used their controlled military might to slaughter and raped the Igbos. 

In his message with his verified twitter account, David said that UK left Nigeria in good condition with good oil infrastructure, good legal system etc. He directly accused “Yoruba tribe” of Killing and enslaving the Igbos because Igbos wanted to exit Nigeria so as to control their future. 

Vance also said, Nigeria’s “Yoruba” tribe refused to accept democracy, and committed genocide on the “Igbo” in the 1967-70 civil war. When further tensions began in 1988, @Femi_Sorry’s “Yoruba” parents fled to the UK. Femi now campaigns on a platform of refusing to accept British democracy. 

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