DISCLAIMER: There was no ethno-religious killings in Anambra State | NN NEWS

This release has become neccessary to set the record straight about a misleading publication on the front page of Daily Trust Newspaper of Tuesday, May 24, 2022. It reads as follows: *”IPOB KILLS WOMAN, 4 KIDS, 6 OTHER NORTHERNERS IN ANAMBRA”,* with several riders.

While it is true that there is general insecurity across the country, there is no targeted ethnic or religious killings in Anambra State. As a matter of fact, Anambra indigenes have suffered more casualties as a result of the unfortunate killings.

The insensitive slant of the *Daily Trust report* have the tendency to stir anger and disaffection in other parts of the country. Hence, the report is totally unacceptable and inimical to the unity and progress of the nation.

Government of Anambra State hereby states that the report is not only sensational but misleading and should be immediately retracted to reflect the real situation on ground.

It is on record that Ndi Anambra and people of other parts of the country, particularly those from the North, who live and do business in the State, not only share common values, but have always lived at peace with each other in the State.

Governor Soludo’s Administration has not only demonstrated commitment in tackling insecurity, but has continuously reassured both indigenes and non-indigenes in the State of their protection and safety. This, he will continue do for the good and progress of all and sundry in Anambra State.

Christian Aburime
Press Secretary To The Governor Of Anambra State

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