Emerging Biafran govt will ensure strict federal structure, says BIM-MASSOB | NN NEWS

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The component units of the emerging Government of Biafra will run a Federal structure in which component units will take full control of their God-given natural resources, the Biafra Independence Movement and Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (BIM/MASSOB) has said. 

The government according to Elder Chris Mocha, Senior Special Assistant to the leader of Biafra Independence Movement and Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (BIM/MASSOB), Ralph Uwazuruike, was “carefully structured to allow the component units or regional governments or ethnic nationalities to take 100 percent full charge of their God-given Human and natural resources while making contributions agreeable to take care of less bogus central responsibilities.” 

Mocha, who is Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Media and Publicity, added that the structure was to take care of fewer bogus central responsibilities. 

Besides, he continued, the emerging Biafran Constitution would provide that any section of the country that is dissatisfied with the UNION will be at liberty to secede. 

“The leaders of the emerging new Biafra must be committed to good governance by ensuring that the country will be administered in such manner that citizens are, at all times happy and willing to belong without being forced to show allegiance to the state as was the case in Nigeria”, Mocha said and described as a major breakthrough in the emancipation struggle of Biafra, the pact signed on May 8, 2004, between MASSOB, Igbo on one hand and the leaders of Niger-Delta under the auspices of Great-Common -Wealth of Niger-Delta”. 

This he said comprised tribes and leaders of Ejegam, Ijaw, Ikwerre, Ibibio, Usokun, Kalabari, Ekpeye, and Eleme for the pursuit of Biafra independence without violence. 

Mocha declared that MASSOB under the leadership of Chief Ralph Uwazuruike in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), that preference was given that federating units, or regional governments or ethnic nationalities making up the sovereign state reserves the inalienable rights to de-federate or move away whenever they choose, he said. 

He noted that “the heartbeat of that grand alliance shall be wrapped up in this common seal where the sovereignty and Independence of the nationalities/ Interest shall remain sacrosanct under a true Federal State devoid of all forms of neo-colonialism, suppression of popular wishes, Machiavellian scheming, subjugation of the commonwealth principles, the sacrifice of the African principles of egalitarianism, playback of sad  memories, but see all the parties as a husband with all  inalienable rights of parentage and inheritance in concord with local, national and international laws, bills, conventions, charter and declarations.” (Daily Independent)

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