Emmanuel Emenike writes open letter to Aguleri, Umuoba – Anam and Umuleri people, the three communities that lie on the coast of Omambala river in Anambra state | NN NEWS

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In recent times there have been pockets of disputes among these three zones at some point or the other.  

As a young man who has passionately invested in the unity and progress of our communities, I urge everyone to choose peace over war for there’s nothing to be gained in a battle amongst brothers.  

We cannot continue to destroy ourselves. I am a witness to the 1999 war, the carnage and destruction it left in it’s wake; not to mention the embarrassment it brought upon us.  

I therefore implore all the reputable Igwes in Anambra state, especially the traditional rulers of these three communities to develop an enduring solution to the land dispute that has been the bone of contention among brothers for so long.  

Please, let us all sheath our swords and embrace the developments that our communities are enjoying today, as we all play our role in harnessing the peace and prosperity of our land and people.  

I also urge our Youth to be more proactive with developmental projects rather than playing into the hands of warmongers at the slightest instance. War will only set us backwards and derail our efforts towards prosperity and community building.  

In it’s stead, we should strive towards better channels of conflict resolution, innovation, unity and peaceful coexistence.  

These are the bedrocks that guarantee steady upward mobility.  

Dalu ni.  

EMMANUEL EMENIKE Fmr Super Eagles footballer 

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