#EndSARS: I wonder why everybody is still going to work – 2Baba

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Respected Nigerian singer Innocent Idibia better known as 2Baba has called for a total shutdown of the country in wake of the ongoing #EndSARS protest.

The protest that has been ongoing for over a week in different parts of the country is calling for an end to police brutality in the country.

The protests, which have gained momentum in days have seen several foreign and local celebrities add their voices to the cause.

In a tweet shared on his Twitter page, the “Implication” singer wondered why some Nigerians are still going to work while the protests are ongoing.

According to him, markets should be the only thing open until Nigerian politicians can begin to give the people answers.

He tweeted:

“I wonder why everybody is still going to work. We need a total shutdown until these politicians start to answer!! Unless them wan use sars come pursue us go work #EndSARS

#EndPoliceBrutality #endimpunity #endlooting Make only market for essential things dey.”

This is coming just as fellow singer Davido condemned the recent spate of violence that has trailed what is meant to be a peaceful protest.

Referring to the recent breakout of inmates from a prison in Benin, the Edo state capital that has been blamed on the protest in the state, Davido said no amount of mischief can destroy the protest.

In his social media post, the “FEM” crooner reminded protesters to keep the protest peaceful while they continue to remain law-abiding.

He shared:

“After seeing all that’s gone on today I just want to say that from the beginning we have preached that the protest must remain peaceful & Law Abiding and as far as I know we have kept to that! And we will continue to keep to that so the narrative can NOT be switched up on us!

The people they claim broke into prisons to free convicted criminals, burn police stations to to steal weapons, damage police, government, & private vehicles are Criminals and everybody must condem these acts. They are not part of our movement !

#EndSars is a peaceful and law abiding protest that is going somewhere great! And no mischief can scatter it!”

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