#EndSARS: United Kingdom told to stop funding killer Nigerian security’s

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The United Kingdom has been told to stop funding killers Nigerian security accused of extra-judicial killing and police brutality.

According to Kate Osamor, a member of the United Kingdom parliament, who described some Nigerian security agencies as “corrupt”, asked the UK to reconsider funding the corrupt entity.

NN NEWS had gathered that, The UK has given training and support to Nigerian security forces, condemned for their brutal crackdown against protesters in recent weeks.

However, Labour MP Kate Osamor – who has demanded Boris Johnson’s government reveal whether there are any British ties to Nigeria’s notorious police unit Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) – said it raised fresh questions about the UK’s involvement in the country.

But speaking at the parliament’s debate on the #EndSARS crisis in Nigeria, the MP said the government should instead focus on poverty alleviation programmes.

She specifically kicked against the UK-funded training for former operatives of the disbanded special anti-robbery squad (SARS) which she said went on despite previous indictments of the squad.

Describing the #EndSARS crisis as “regrettably serious”, Osamor said the UK must look beyond sanctioning the Nigerian government for alleged abuses and pay closer attention to its funding for certain programmes.

“Today, we need to consider how the government responds to both the movement itself and the violent actions of the Nigerian regime,” she said.

“We must also take this opportunity to look beyond sanctions into how development funding is spent in Nigeria.

“Instead of funding corrupt security agencies and investing in projects which do not benefit ordinary Nigerians, we need a new focus on poverty relief and anti-corruption programmes.

“At the very moment in which Amnesty International had declared SARS units to have been involved in extra-judicial killings, corruption and torture, the government was using the budget to train and equip those units.”

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