Enugu Anglican Bishop cries out over suspected fake police officers

The Angelican Bishop of Eha-Amufu in Isi-Uzo local Government Area of Enugu state, Daniel Olinya has cried out over suspected fake policemen in some polling units in the area.

Speaking with journalists on Saturday, Bishop Olinya alleged that at Umuokpara polling unit in Imuhu community, people who claimed to be policemen did have ID cards.

He also alleged that the said policemen who wore mufti and bathroom slippers charged at him when he demanded that they properly identify themselves.

He said ““when I got to my polling unit, the place is very rowdy and the policemen there could not identify themselves.

“No Identification cards. All they show you is caps. Most of them were putting on slippers; they were not putting on uniform.”

“I had to leave the place in a hurry. The place was charged.

“I asked about the presence of policemen and a lady on bathroom slippers showed up. When I enquired about her ID card, she showed me a cap.

“This is the situation in Eha-Amufu. We are calling on the Commissioner of Police to do something about this ugly situation,” he said. (Daily Independent)

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